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Official COVID-19 Preparedness Tool Kit, Pennsylvania 2020 

COVID-19 Tool Kit - English

This comprehensive Tool Kit is easy to use, and points you in the direction for Where and How to get helpask questions, and/or apply for Assistance Now. And to Talk to a provider – “Ask a Doctor” 24/7 Penn State Health OnDemand  at 1-833-433-5915

Kit oficial de herramientas de preparación COVID-19, Pennsylvania 2020

COVID-19 Tool Kit - Espanol

Este completo kit de herramientas es fácil de usar y lo orienta en la dirección de dónde y cómo obtener ayuda, hacer preguntas y / o solicitar asistencia ahora. Y para hablar con un proveedor:
"Pregúntele a un Médico" 24/7 Penn State Health OnDemand al 1-833-433-5915




This Website was created to be a blessing to anyone who may be interested in our outreach program through the Lehigh Valley.
Please visit our School if you are interested in enhancing your knowledge in the Word of God. If you're interested in participating in our outreach program visit the Events page or contact us.
Lets keep each other in prayers and may God continue to bless you and your family throughout the days ahead.

  Service Hours *  Horas De Servicios

9:30am -11am

 Celebrate Recovery
6:00 -7:30pm

Spanish Institue
6:00 -7:00 pm
Wednesday & Friday

 Bible Study
6:00 -8:00 pm
Wednesday & Friday

Free parking and entrance back of the church

9:30am -11am

 Celebrando La Recuperacion
6:00 -7:30pm

Intituto Espanol
6:00 -7:00 pm
Miercoles y Viernes

 Estudio Biblico
6:00 -8:00 pm
Miercoles y Viernes

Parqueo gratis y entrada por la puerta trasera de la Iglesia


 Parking & entrance @ back of Church  Parqueo y entrada atras de la Igelcias

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        Vision Misionera Ministry is a non-profit organization and has been incorporated since 1999. We started working with different churches and communities by reaching out to the must needed people, we provide hot meals at any church that is also interested in helping our much-needed Lehigh Valley area. Our ministry provides different benefit to any one that has a need in counseling for: family, matrimonial, teenagers, children, inmate, material and spiritual.

We perform weddings with free counseling.

       Our Vision is to have fellowship service in different denominations and be able to bring the body of Christ in unity as our Lord Jesus commanded us. Special seminars in the Latin American community on various topics, building the Christian faith etc. who we are in Christ, counseling, personal street evangelism, Spiritual Issues and ministerial education.

   Our Goal is to fellowship with the inner city churches of Faith, to spread the Gospel in unity, and to become stronger in the Body of Christ in order to help our much needed communities.

Check Out Our Upcoming Events


                United Faith Vision Worship Praise & Sacred Dance Ministries


United Faith Vision Worship Praise


Sacred Dance Ministries

United Faith Vision School of Ministries is now accepting applications for adults who are interested in learning worship through the art of dance.  Classes meet twice a month.

               A MUST READ BOOK !!!

Healers & Achievers

Raphael S. Bloch, M.D.

Website: Healers & Achievers Book

Order the Hard Copy, Paper Back, or Online Version here: Healers & Achievers Book

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